Special projects

A new building for the Magnificat, #NEWMAGNIFICAT

In this page, we present the project for the new building of the Magnificat that we hope to accomplish soon.

As many of you know, our school building is packed and overflowing...in one classroom a student is playing the piano while in the next one, the choir is rehearsing and, on the other side of the corridor, a violinist practices for a concert. 

The ever-increasing number of students and the need to have adequate spaces -not only for the group classes like the orchestras and choirs but especially for the Academic Courses, run in collaboration with the Conservatory of Vicenza in Italy- has led the Custody of the Holy Land to seek an appropriate solution to the current needs of the school.

The recovery of premises near the convent of St. Saviour and the restoration of other adjacent areas will create a new space for the Magnificat and a new large center for pilgrims.

The new building will allow our students to develop and refine their skills in ways many of us could never have imagined. It will also serve the city's wider community: the planned amphitheater, in fact, will be a space available to everyone, a space that will generate a vibrant cultural and artistic life, right inside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. 

At the same time, the new building will represent everything the Magnificat has always stood for space where any person can enter and encounter himself and the other through the creative power of music.

The project is ready: now we just need to raise the funds. The sooner we start the works, the sooner it will be possible to see realized the dreams of many friends and supporters of the Magnificat and of all of us who each day struggle a bit to find space for everyone and especially to balance schedules and classes in an orderly manner.

Every little contribution is welcomed....and as of now, a big thank you!!!


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